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MEGA POINTS - is extended 

Due to the poplarity of MEGA POINTS we are extending it through the fall.

all players at the final table will have a 250 point bounty.

Any player who has a bounty such as points leader, Pit boss, etc. will have 250 points added to their bounty (if they make it to the final table).

Total bounty points with ten players (without special bounty) will be 2,500

Before the final table is in the points and a player goes out they keep the bounties from all players they took out, but their bounty is passed to the player that took them out.

When the table is in the points ( i.e. 6 get points) the same applies as above but you also get the points for the position you went out on plus whatever bounties you collected. The winner will also get their own bounty added to the bounies  they collected.

This gives every player at the final table a chance to get points even if they do not get in the points.


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