2017 tournament of champions
Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 10:05AM
Dale Hatchett

The 2017 TOC will be on Saturday March 24th.

 The Location is Wishing Well at 3:30pm

This will be in place of the usual Saturday Game for that day. 

The usual game on saturday will resume on the following saturday

             Eligible Players

Albert Johnson   Pat Robsky
Angie LeCroy   Prue Sutton
Bill Stevens   Randy Galloway

  Ron Dyak
Chris Howard   Sammy Petros
David Wilkinson   Sandy Tomblin
Deric McCral   Tesfagaber Petros
Jeff Allen   Thor Risoen
Jeff Chhom    
Josh Shaddix   *Previous Winners
Kianus Melson   Tony Dougherty *
Lisa Stimson   Marilyn Manderson*
Mike Knight   Harry Osborne*
Mo Silva   Dale Hatchett*

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