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Magic City Grill - This week

For this week only Magic City Grill will play on Monday and Thursday @7 pm.

Magic City Grill in Manchester Ga. and GPN invite you to play poker on Tuesday at 7:00p and now on Thursdays beginning Oct 22nd.

Mon 6:30/7:00p

Thur 6:30/7:00p 

Location: 300 W. Main st. Manchester, Ga. 31816

Phone: 706-846-8010


The Forest - Stockbridge

The Forest and GPN would like to invite you back to play poker on Thursdays begining Dec 3rd. There will be two games. Sign up at 3:30 and play at 4pm. Signe up at 7pm and play at 7:30.
Thurs 3:30/4:00 & 7:00/7:30
Address: 4938 N Henry Blvd, Stockbridge, GA 30281
Phone:(770) 389-1011

November Monthly Tournament


Wishing Well - Stockbridge

Top 10 - 1:00p

Top 125 - 3:30p

Location: 1745 Hudson Bridge Rd., Stockbridge, GA 30281

Phone: (678) 272-8467


Wishing Well - Stockbridge 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday 7:30 games will be a guaranteed $50 free roll. Saturday game is a guaranteed $25 free roll

The 3rd Friday of every month will be a single Deepstack show and is 2x points.

Sign up 30 min prior to game time.

Monday - 3:30/4:00p-7:00/7:30p ($50 Free Roll)

Wednesday - 3:30/4:00p-7:00/7:30p ($50 Free Roll)

Friday 3:30/4:00 -7:00/7:30p ($50 Free roll)

Saturday - 3:00/3:30p ($25 Free Roll) 

Sunday - 7:00/7:30p ($50 Free Roll) 

 Location: 1745 Hudson Bridge Rd., Stockbridge, GA 30281

Phone: (678) 272-8467


October Monthly Tournament  Winners

 Congratulations to Lisa Hantz for winning the Monthly Points Championship.

Congratulations to Greg Wallis for willing the Top 10 Tournament.

Congratulations to Prue Sutton for winning the Main Tournament. The top 5 were as follows:

1. Prue Sutton

2. Mike Nementh

3. Teresa Truitt

4. Jose Santana

5. Dylan Thompson


Corner Tavern 

Corner Tavern and GPN would like to invite you to come play in Newnan.

Sun 4:00/4:30p

Address: 125 Newnan Crossing Bypass, Newnan, GA 30265


Half Shell Oyster Bar - Newnan/White Oak

Half Shell Oyster Bar & GPN invite you to play in Newnan. 

Tuesdays 6:30/7:00

Saturdays 4:30/5:00

Location: 1690 Highway 34E, Newnan, GA 30265
Phone: (770) 502-9911


Hawg Wild BBQ - Clarkesville

Hawg Wild BBQ and GPN would like to welcome Poker back to Clarkesville. Beginning Tuesday May 5th. Sign up at 7pm and Play at 7:30.

Tues 6:30/7:00

Location: 515 Grant St, Clarkesville GA 30523


The Zone - McDonough

The Zone and GPN invite you to play poker on Tuesday @ 7:30, Wednesday @ 10:30p and Sunday @ 3:30.

Tues 7:00/7:30p

Wed 10:00/10:30p

Sun 3:00/3:30p

Location: 1483 Hwy 20, McDonough, Ga.

Phone: 678-583-5550


Y-Knot Sports Bar - Peachtree City

If you bring a new player, get an extra $500 chip.

Thursday's 7:00/7:30
Friday's 7:00/7:30 10:00/10:30

The 4th Friday of every month will be a 10,000 chip stack tournament. (only one game, 2x points)

Location: 216 Northlake Dr, Peachtree City GA 30269

Phone: (770) 487-9111