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Georgia Poker Nights Tournament Rules  

The Early bird is back. Any player who signs up at least 15 minutes before the game starts will receive 1000 chips (black chip). This will be strictly enforced by all pit bosses!!  Refer to current sign up rules. Players can not call ahead for sign up NO MATTER WHAT! Players must sign themselves up (no signing up other players) prior to the 15 minutes, and can’t use any excuses, such as I was in the parking lot, at the bar ordering, etc.

Any player with a bounty (points leader, Top 10 winner, Top 125 winner, pit bosses) who elects to turn in their chips will have their bounty points and orange chip put in the pot for the winner of the next hand.

New Etiquette rule

Any player or players who cause a disuption of the game that results in the game being stopped will be disqualified and removed from the game.The player(s) will not be allowed to play for the rest of the month regardless of when the incident occurred.

In addition the player or players involved will have all points removed for that month and will not be allowed to play in the Monthly tournament pertaining to the month of the disqualification.

Prizes and Free rolls

 As all tournaments are free to play, there is no buy in.  However, in order to win a prize, gift certificate or Free Roll Cash, you must chip up.

Second Chance Table

The winner receives 250 points

Start with 400 chips. If you purchase an item (beer, mixed drink, appetizer, etc.) then you get an additional 500 chips.  This will be available for day games and between 2 games on evening shows. See your pit boss for more details. 

ORANGE CHIP -  Effective October 7th the Orange Chip will always be in play at the final table regardless of how many players.

Monthly Tournament

The Tournament will have the Top 10 which will consist of the Top 10  players (this includes pit Bosses who qualified). The Top 125 will be allowed to play in the Monthly Tournament. Extra chips will increase to 3000 chips as of February 16th.

Free Chip Up

The point leader from the previous month will receive a free chip up at each show they attend. (This runs from monthly tournament to monthly tournament. ex. If you are the points leader in May, you will begin receiving your free chip up after the April monthly tournament and continue until the May monthly tournament).


  1. All players will receive the points for the POSITION in which they finish.
  2. No negotiation of points will be allowed. Any attempt to do so will result in a warning to that player. ANY further attempts to negotiate points will result in disqualification from the tournament.


  1. Any player acting in an unruly or disruptive manner will receive a warning. This includes name calling, poor sportsmanship, excessive cursing, threats of violence, etc… If the behavior continues a 2ndand FINAL warning will be given to the player. Any further bad behavior will result in disqualification from the tournament. For any SERIOUS situation that occurs only ONE WARNING will be given before disqualification.

Sign up

  1. A player must be present (SEEN BY THE PIT BOSS) in order to be signed up.
  2. A player CANNOT call the venue, another player or the pit boss to be signed up or request a certain seat. (In the event of excessive traffic, ex. a wreck it will be left the discretion of the pit boss).
  3. A player’s name tag may not be moved, by another player or pit boss, from the spot it has been placed without that player’s permission.


1.When cutting the cards, you must use at least 1/3 of the deck

2.You may only cut once

3. The dealer must offer the person to their right to cut the cards. If the person chooses not to cut the cards the dealer CAN NOT CUT the cards and will proceed to deal the cards.


  1. If the first hole card dealt to a blind is exposed the hand is a misdeal.
  2. If ANY 2 cards are exposed in the act of dealing, the hand is a misdeal.
  3. Any card exposed or that leaves the playing surface in the act of dealing will be dead and replaced by the 1st burn card.
  4. If more hands are dealt than players, the hand is a misdeal.
  5. If the dealer drops a deck and MORE THAN 10 cards are exposed, the hand is a misdeal.
  6. If the dealer drops the deck and 10 OR LESS cards are exposed, the exposed cards will be put on the table for all the players to see. The Pit Boss will then reshuffle the deck and play will continue.
  7. If the dealer drops the deck and no cards are exposed, but still mixed up, the Pit Boss will reshuffle the deck and play will continue.
  8. If the dealer exposes their last card dealt, the dealer will get another card. THIS IS NOT A MISDEAL.The card exposed will become the burn card.


  1. The minimum Call pre-flop will be equal to the big blind. In the event that a player is all-in in the big blind or small blind, the minimum call pre-flop is still equal to the big blind.
  2. Any bet post flop must be at least the big blind amount. Any raise must be in increments of the previous raise (Ex. blinds 50/100 the next person raises to 500. The next person to raise must raise to a min of 900, as the raise was 400). Any all-in for less than the big blind can be called without completing the bet. If this occurs the minimum raise is still the amount of the big blind.
  3. The dead button rule applies. That is, the big blind is always required and advances to the next person in turn. The small blind and dealer button adjust accordingly and either one, or both, may be dead.
  4. All hands will be turned face up whenever a player is all-in and betting action is complete.
  5. No string bets or raises. The player must use a verbal statement giving the amount of the raise or put chips into the pot in a single motion.
  6. One Chip rule. Pre-flop If the player throws in a single chip that is more than the bet, they must announce a raise or it is considered a call and will receive change. Post-flop if you are first to act and throw in an over chip, that is the bet. If you are acting after another bet, the pre-flop rule applies.
  7. To win a pot showdown, a player must show both hole cards. When a player bets on the river card and is called, both players are to show their cards.  Additionally, if a player wins a non-called pot, they are not required to show their cards. Show one, show all applies at all times. 
  8. Chips stacks must be able to be easily counted at the request of another player or in case of an all-in. Chips need to be in orderly stacks (no dirty stacks) and larger denomination chips must be in the front (or on top) of all smaller chip denominations.

Exposing of a Hand Early

  1. Any player who exposes his hand before the showdown will forfeit the hand if he still has chips in his stack. It is the PLAYER’S RESPONSIBILITY to be 100% sure there is still no action pending before exposing his cards.
  2. Any player who has accidentally exposed his hand before the showdown, but is all-in, will NOT forfeit the hand. However, if it is deemed that a player is trying to influence action in the hand, then their hand will be forfeited and that player shall be out of the game.
  3. Any player who deliberately exposes his cards to another player still having cards will forfeit his hand and have his cards exposed for players on the table to see.
  4. If the "River Card" has been played and action is still pending when a player accidentally exposes their hand, this will be considered free information and their hand will not be dead. 
  5. If a player who is not all in and exposes their hand before the River Card has been played, their hand will be dead and their cards are folded.


  1. Any folded hand must be moved to the muck pile. Players are not allowed to hold on to a hand once it has been folded.
  2. Players ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GO BACK into a muck pile FOR ANY REASON.
  3. Any forward motion tossing of cards appearing to be a FOLD will be considered a fold. This applies only when it’s the player’s turn.
  4. Any OUT OF TURN action… betting or folding… will NOT be binding. If this occurs the bet or cards folded will be returned to the player and the action will return to the correct player. The ONLY exception to this rule is if a player mucks out of turn and his hand touches ANY dead cards on the table. This will be considered an OUT OF ORDER FOLD.
  5. Players not in the hand or on the table ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DISCUSS the board or folded cards. (one player per hand)
  6. Players that do not follow #1, #2, and #5 will be warned in the manner described in the behavior section.
  7. Railbirds are not allowed at the table (you may sit or stand 4ft away from the table) and not be allowed to make comments about the current hand in progress to a player in the hand or the entire table. This will result in ONE WARNING. Any further violation will result in the player being asked to stay away from the tables.
  8. You must be in/at your seat (with-in arms length) when the dealer’s second card is dealt or it is a mucked hand. (THIS INCLUDES HANDS IN THE BLIND POSITIONS) 
  9. Walking away from the table when you are in a hand - Any player who has a live hand and walks away from the table (more than arms length) for any reason such as smoking, vaping, eating or other reasons, their hand will be dead and their cards folded. A player cannot call, raise or take any action when further than arms length from the table.
  10. Smoking or Vaping at the table - You must be away from the table (more than arms length). No leaning in with a cigarette, or vape in your hand.

Players must keep their cards in full view. This means above the table-level and not past the edge of the table. The cards should also not be covered by the hands in a manner to conceal them.

Delay of game

  1. Cellphones will be permitted at the table, however, texting, talking on the phone, or playing games is not permitted at the table.
  2. If your phone rings and you must answer, you MUSTstep away from the table. if you answer your phone, text or play games at the table your hand will be DEAD.
  3. If you are away from the table for one blind round (approximately 20 min.), your chips will be taken off the table.

Angie Chip  (Amended 8/30/15)

EXTRA 500 CHIP - If all players chip up, each player will receive an extra 500 chip.

This is a free game and for entertainment purposes only. Everyone who wishes to play needs only to sign-up before the start of the game to receive chips.

To chip-up you must see the bartender or server at the venue you are attending. 

You must meet the qualifications for chip-up prior to the pit boss handing out extra chips. (EXTRA CHIPS WILL BE HANDED OUT BASED UPON THE NUMBER OF PLAYERS SIGNED UP)

There will be a 5 min. window to receive the chip-up based upon how busy the server is. (THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO CHIP-UP AFTER THE BLINDS GO UP)

If there are two games at your venue and you wish to meet the qualifications between the games, it is the player’s responsibility to work this out with the server and follow through.

If the qualifications are not met, the venue reserves the right to ensure compensation. If you do not spend the required amount for the chip up or you walk out on your tab, your points will be forfeited for that game.

Starting Chips

Beginning June 1, the amount of chips a player starts with will go up to 1300.

Late entries

A player will be allowed to enter a game up to 20 minutes late, the first blind raise. If a player enters a game after the first hand has been dealt, they will start with 800 in chips. The player will still be eligible for the food chip up, once they have met the requirement for that chip up. (EX. Game begins at 4pm, a player may enter until 4:20. Game begins at 7:30pm, a player may enter until 7:50pm)

High Hand

The first person to get a hand that is K's full of 10's or better will receive an extra $500 chip. Everyone else sitting at the table will receive an extra $200 in chips. High hand must go to the river card and a bet must be made and called in order to win. (Ex. If Player A bets and no one calls, high hand will not be given.) If more than one player has the high hand and the pot is split, then there is no high hand.

Effective July 1 2017 - HIGH HAND will remain in play unti the FINAL TABLE is in the points. When points are in play then no high hand will be awarded.

Bounty Chip

Every player will receive a Bounty (Orange) Chip at the beginning of the game. When you take another player out, you get their Orange Chip. Once the final table is reached, the Orange Chip(s) will be worth $1000.  If at any point during the game your Orange Chip gets mixed into a pot and you are not all in, the Bounty chip will be returned to the player.